• Shari Belafonte, its her birthday and shes naked!


    Shari Belafonte is the daughter of singer Harry Belafonte, and is also a singer herself, as well as an actress. Her nudes are actually from when she was 45, and I need to say, for 45, she looks pretty damn good, and is in my opinion a cougar.

    • Why oh why I could’ve dated older women like her. I know it’s wrong to lust but come on lots of older women (more like half of the population) still looks good well til the next mature lady doing her thing.

    • She is sexy as he’ll if she was soup I would .nt anthing else to eat

    • I know Shari. Shes a very Beautiful woman. Very nice and down to earth. Im 33 yrs old. I am a white guy who loves black women. I def would still throw Shari the D.

    • Shari Belafonte was 45 when her stunning 9/2000 Playboy pictorial was photographed earlier that year. As a sex-symbol, she was the Halle Berry of the BabyBoom Generation. She was an omnipresent triple-threat guest performer on late-70s & 1980s TV, equally adept at drama, comedy, and variety.

    • One sexy women wow

    • Shari is one of the nicest people I have ever worked with.
      I just love her so much .

    • WOW, been wanting to see Shari naked since the 80’s. Worth the wait 2011. Don’t mean anything but I wish she liked the brothers a little bit more.

    • Shari Belafonte is 56! Which makes her even more incredible!!

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