Sammy Braddy final topless shoot ever for Zoo Magazine

Sammy Braddy is sadly hanging up her bra, and calling it quits for topless modeling. While sad as this is, we can’t help but wonder who will be taking her place in the world of glamour modeling.

3 comments for “Sammy Braddy final topless shoot ever for Zoo Magazine

  1. C
    March 2, 2012 at 6:21 am

    Yes, It is always a big shame when a top glamour girl quits modeling!

    But since she is quiting makes you wonder why?

    She is still young and good looking plenty of good photo years still ahead of her!

    The only thing I can think of why she is quiting now, is Her footballer boyfriend said quit that modeling stuff and be 100% mine?

    No more other guys drooling over your hot busty body only me!

    As a good WAG she does what she is told to by her footballer muti-millionaire boyfriend?

    And before you all say what the heck are you talking about?

    Remember this guys, We normal hard working guys never get the chance to meet on a date any top Page 3 or glamour babe we like!

    Why, Because we are not muti-millionaire football twats most of them are ugly bald and if you watch football on tv they can’t even play real football?
    They cheat by running into the goalies box and then kick in the ball at 2 feet range and then they run off doing all this silly dancing as though they just managed to kick the ball pass the goal keeper from half way down the feild?
    Total fakes the lot of them! But rich even if they can’t play right. So all the girls and top models almost throw themselfs at them sex wise, only because of the fame and millions in money?

    So none of us normal good hard working guys will ever get a date with any glamour model because the top music bands or footballers wil automatic get there first? Plus if you read in the news the number of times the footballers cheating on they WAG’s they are soiled so they can have their cake and eat it too?

  2. Paul Tyler
    February 25, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    This is a terrific photo shoot, really wish these weren’t the last.

    February 23, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    I’ll miss your titties

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