2 comments for “Julia Orayen looking sexy for Open Magazine Mexico

  1. Colin
    June 19, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Well, what a lovely busty curvy hipped sexy babe!

    Shame as in most of these cases a sexy bodied babe wishes to pose and say to men of the world:


    But then don’t bother to show anything of their amazing sexy naked body!

    And to think these magazines pay them lots of money to show those sexy bodies off topless or nude and then see them show nothing not even bare boobs? But say well done here’s your money?

    What a total waste of money, and they keep letting these girls doing this even playboy I see now lets any woman pose who passes the grade and yet, I see less of these girls bodies than before?

    You see them as nude as our Nuts or Zoo girls for the most part now no Pussy on view!

    And what Playboy famous for full frontal nudes of the sexist models, celebs who never shown anything before! Yet over the last couple of years I was very luckly indeed to see any pussy shoots in playboy shoots? most girls posing there keep those legs tightly closed or angle their nude bodies so you see all but pussy?

    And when the rare times I seen a bit of pussy on a model it is fully shaven?
    No thanks, I think there should be a little public hair there maybe the modern landing strip look? That makes them look grown up sexy women instead of under aged girls?

    After all they are wearing smaller knickers ( panties to you usa lot ) and small or tiny bikini’s now so it seem right they have smaller public well trimmed area’s but not none at all?

    Lastly if a sexy babe wishes to pose naked or topless they should in these magazine, not posing that way and still expecting us men to say corrrr look at her non-nude body when she was paid to pose nude is a pain! and if I was running a mens mag full of lovely nuked babes I would only pay them to pose nuked not say ok pose clothed and you still be paid lots of money?


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