Julieta Ponce for Playboy Magazine Argentina

Julieta Ponce was actually just on YDG yesterday, though, lets be honest, it was a tame photo shoot. Well, thankfully those awesome people at Playboy (the overseas people) got her not only naked, but VERY provocative, and there is NOTHING left to the imagination.

1 comment for “Julieta Ponce for Playboy Magazine Argentina

  1. Colin
    July 20, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    Lovely Ass.

    Shame the photographer is a total twit?

    Who ever they are, Forgot the rule of doing great photography,
    Colour is the only way to do film or photos in!


    1 > Colour is half the cost of Black & White now days unlike when they first had both to choose from and B&W was in the old days the cheap one, Now it is colour is the cheapest, B&W is twice the cost of colour now?

    2 > it may all arty farty to do B&W photo sets even though it cost twice that of colour,
    But real life is in Colour my silly headed world photographers out there!

    So do us all a big favour and think of only doing full colour sets of these lovely babes, Forget B&W film only fools waste money on that rubbish for the so called art galleries who also seem to be stuck in the past when it comes to how to do photos or art?

    I don’t give a beeb if they think B&W photos are cool and make the pictures seem more clever, Just wake up and see the world is in colour and we wish to see it so in pictures please!

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