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  1. Colin
    September 5, 2012 at 4:31 am

    For some odd reason almost all models & celebs who pose in any of the FHM issue’s nowdays,

    Seem to think I wish to be thought off as sexy and naughty etc.

    For the fame that brings?

    But Lately almost all them will pose with the cover saying look she will show her sexy nude or topless body off in this issue?

    But None do!

    You be very lucky to even see them show a bit of bare nipple,
    As for bare boobs or nude sexy body forget it!

    Why would these world top class famous magazines pay these girls lots of money to pose almost full nude or at the less topless, And have the cheek to say on the covers they will show off so, If none of them do?

    What a total waste of money, And FHM has in the past shown super sexy models or celeb babes showing almost all their sexy nude bodies off and well posed too?

    The only thing they did not show was pussy?
    Because they are a sexy magazine for men not a sex magazine like say mayfair!

    But often I seen these covers of FHM and there’s a sexy curvy babe on the cover wwith the title saying look this babe will show her topless or nude sexy body inside this issue?

    And she is show nothing! not even her nipples?
    In fact the outfits they wear cover up all.

    So am I so wrong to be a bit naffed off to expect to see what they claim I will in FHM pages?

    If these sexy babes or celbs really wish to show us men what a sexy body they have and FHM will not anymore pose them to show almost all, but still pay them, I think these babes should think about posing in a real sex mag like mayfair or a similar mag?

    I say to them show all or almost all fully if you wish us men to fancy you, or don’t bother and make way for some babe who will show her nude body fully?

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