1 comment for “Masuimi Max for Bizarre Magazine

  1. Colin
    October 1, 2012 at 9:57 am

    How about that, I just was shopping this morning in tesco and was looking at the many top selve mens mags as I was passing by the magazine stand!

    And spotted this mag with this eye popping posed babe whom I never even heard of until then?

    I thought to myself, Blimey what a outfit she had on?

    Such a tiny waist, big boobs pushed out in this naughty type of corset?

    And Although I could have opened it to see what if anything she would be showing of that hot body I just made a note in my mind of her name and thought I look her up online to see her better later on?

    And blow me, I get this email telling me from your daily girl, Look at this hot babe?

    And wow this is the one I just seen on the mag stand?

    Well, as I thought so, her big boobs are silcone ones, easy to tell that? just look at them!

    As for her posing nude, shame she only shows those fake boobs and not pussy and ass etc.?

    Still although I would like her to have big real boobs and no tatoos!
    I would still bang her good?

    Thanks your daily girl for keeping upto date so much on the mag front that I get to see the very one I only just spotted as I was in a shop this morning?

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