Lara Stone nude for i-D Magazine

Lara Stone 787x1024 - Lara Stone nude for i-D MagazineLara Stone finally is on YDG again fully nude! I personally hate long periods of time without a fully naked Lara Stone, so anytime we get her again, it brings great joy.

1 comment for “Lara Stone nude for i-D Magazine

  1. Colin
    November 21, 2012 at 9:09 am

    Nice Big Boobs There!

    Just smal moan here?

    Who did the photo layout for this photoshoot?

    Because in the 2nd picture whom ever was in charge of putting the words on the pages is a damn twit, As they have posted the writing on the left of the page right across her pussy!

    Covering it with a big bold lowercase letter “e”.

    That is very bad layout of the words next to a sexy full frontal nude view?

    Totally ruins a good picture!

    Plus it said she is full nude?
    Nope, she has got on almost all her clothes in most of the shots?

    No clear pussy views & no bare ass views, In fact barely any nude at all?

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