3 comments for “Laura Christina goes for a naked stroll for Body in Mind

  1. Colin
    February 26, 2013 at 7:41 am

    Very Lovely Woman,

    One picky point why no Bum Views?

    For some odd reason lately most of the really curvy hips lovely babes who are happy to pose full frontal, don’t wish to pose showing any of their curvy sexy bum off?

    And most of them show pussy even close up with legs open up too!

    So I really can’t understand why they will not show off those sweet curvy bums too?

    What’s the point of posing full nude and being happy to do so, But only show the front or side poses but no bum poses?

    Very odd indeed, when you see they have often small boobs but big curvy hips which means a lovely big sexy ass to show off?

    Damn it girls if you are happy to pose full nude make sure you show all of your lovely sexy body not just the front and side poses but the back ones too please?

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