Joey Fisher Nuts Magazine Outtakes

Joey Fisher15 768x1024 - Joey Fisher Nuts Magazine OuttakesJoey Fisher is yet another sexy model that appeared in the “New Babes with Big Boobs!” issue. As is par the course, here are her awesomely great outtakes.

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  1. Colin
    May 18, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    Hi LINK,

    So you say her boobs are 32GGs (32H),?

    Sorry I was not using the new bra sizes to talk about her boobs!

    I was was using the original bra sizes that I remembered being the standard since the bra cup size system had first been set up?

    I said they are at least 36D’s because that’s what the cup size had been upto it seems nowdays?

    Very odd the way they seem to rate the cup sizes of bra’s now?

    Some women now have under the long time set system of bra sizes would have been a 34A in most cases if they had boobs which a man could cup his hands over!

    And lovely Joey Fisher under the old system would had her boobs noted as 36D cup?

    But it seems some of the bra sizes I see now ae just silly?
    Some women say they got a 32E OR 32F or G when undr the original bra sizing sytem which was in place right upto 2005 I think?

    these women bra sizes would have been say small at 32B not a G?

    I really don’t know why they changed the bra cup sizes so much to totally odd sizes after the sizing was set back in 1920?

    Why change a system so much?
    It makes it very hard now to judge what bra sizes these women have?

    Some are stating a size of cup which makes not sense?

    One model stated she had a bra size of 34HH when looking at he topless pictures I thought, no sorry under the system I remember you have a nice pair of 32B’s!

    After all the shoe sizes and dress sizes have remained the same?
    So why all these silly totally wrong bra sizes?

    It is a odd world now, where stuff we all know seems to be changed all the time they rename products after they have been known as a name for say 50 years?

    I really think changing the bra sizes to a totally wrong size compired to what the woman has is just plain silly, if she has a pair of 34B’s then that is the size of the bra? not have them stated as 32GG.

    Well, I can only guess that the women feel that if they change the size ratings of the bra from the old right size to a size which is totally bigger cup size wise ( i.e. change a “B” to “G” or “H” ) it makes them feel better that those B cup boobs are bigger so us men will think on reading about them go yummy big boobs when we seen them out in the pictures we feel let down because those boobs are not big their small?

    Oh well, let them make it up to a bigger size bra if they wish it still will not make them any bigger than they are?

  2. LINK
    May 18, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    Apparently her boobs are 32GGs (32H), and words cannot describe how incredible they are.
    What a goddess, I get an erection pretty much instantly when I see pictures of Joey.
    Cannot wait to see even more pictures of her.

  3. Colin
    May 18, 2013 at 6:53 am


    Nice to see a real boob busty nuts mag glamour model for a change?

    Most models these days seem to be of the fake boob class of model.

    I say she must have at least a pair of 36D’s there?

    Very nice face too!

    Lets hope to see more of her sexy busty body soon, allot more maybe soon some nudes nicely oiled up in babyoil whould look good on a beach in the sun somewhere showing off all she has in a tiny g-string.

    But the rest of her lovely busty body posed well so we see her boobs and legs and bum which must be a far sizd one looking at her hips? would be great?

  4. George
    May 17, 2013 at 6:02 pm

    Don’t get much of Joey, but when we do… What. A. Fitty!

  5. May 17, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    She’s spectacular!!!

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