Panicha Phoosrisom for Maxim Magazine Thailand

Panicha Phoosrisom4Panicha Phoosrisom, quite truthfully I have no idea who she is, but she has awesome boobs, and a fantastic body, so here she is for you all.

3 comments for “Panicha Phoosrisom for Maxim Magazine Thailand

  1. MasterDecoy
    August 14, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    because those eastern countries have very different laws regarding nudity than western countries. simple as that.

  2. Colin
    August 14, 2013 at 6:18 am

    Nice Ladys from the east!

    But what I think o#is so wrong with these photosets in all these maxim magazines from the far east places, Is simple what is the point of them doing them?

    After all maxim magazines in the west like UK & USA etc. do a photoset of a lovely sexy model mostly new ones we not sen yet?

    And they show off in those sets very well often showing almost all their lovely bare bodies!
    The only part not shown of course is that small naughty bit between the lovely ladys legs, since maxim don’t do full frontal sets onlt topless or nude posed so we see all but pussy?

    Some models show more than others as do some celebs?

    But why O’why pay a sexy pretty model from say thailand or singapore to pose for the famous maxim magazine who do that type topless or even nude ( non pussy ) poses in just high heels?

    If each time I see one set of a pretty far east babe or celeb who on the maxim cover states this model or celeb shows off her lovely bare body in this issue for you?

    Only to see they show zero of anything?

    No bare bums, No bare boobs, No bare nipples, in fack they seem to be almost fully dressed and could walk outside without any problem in most cases since they are fully clothed?

    Some wear underware in the sets, But again no bare bum ,boobs, nipples, etc.?

    In fact some just wear a bikini and since allot of them are damn sexy faced and pert bodied and wish to pose for this world famous magazine and get paid well I am sure for the posing?

    Why do the maxim magazine of these place bother to do any phtosets of any of the lovely babes from there and pay them allot of money to pose, when the babe or celeb shows zero bare body parts?

    Total silly wasting of the maxim magazines money and time and of their male reader money buying th magazine thing wow she looks sexy on the cover and it say’s great sexy poses of her body inside and they buy the magazine and see zero bare body views of that babe?

    Maxim’s great name as a magazine that famed as the mens magazine that shows of sexy bare bodied babes from the world is turned to mud by keep paying lots of money to those models and celebs in thailand or singapore or where ever in the far east if they will not pose naked, not even topless just in a bikini or underware and heels?

    So maxim please don’t bother to pay out lots of money to these girls if you can’t get them to pose like the western babes do in your magazines?

    If there’s a law out in the far east that stops these girls from posing like ours almost full nude in heels then stop wasting all that money paying them to pose almost fully clothed but saying on the cover of the magazines look inside at this babe showing her sexy body off?

    Maxim magazine people who control the magazines in these far east places are total fools to keep paying these lovely girls to pose almost fully clothed and expect the readers of the magazines to pay to see nothing shown off?

    Just stop doing the far east versions of the maxim magazines in those countries who will not let you under their law show bare sexy models or celebs in your magazines?

    Wake up to the fact they will not allow it there?
    Aand only do maxim magazines in western countries the far eastern models or celbs can always if they really wish to travel to say a countrry near theirs which will let them pose fully naked or topless and maxim do the set there and then sell it where it is ok to do so?

    It is just me, or does it just seem silly to pay lots of money to such lovely pretty sexy eastern babes or celebs to pose almost fully covered up by a set of clothes or a big swimsuit or big area covering outfit and have the cheek to say on the mag cover how sexy poses she be posed in showing of her bare body when she hides it?

  3. kumaram
    August 13, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    where’s da pussie?

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