• Lissy Cunningham looking great for Page 3


    02Lissy Cunningham helps start off Thursday the right way. Lissy truthfully I think is underrated, and really needs to appear much more often as I personally can’t get enough of her.


    • So are you going to merge the 2 profiles?

    • You know George, I actually never thought about it before… Though you might be right, now that I am reviewing both, either that or it is a HUGE coincidence, which I highly doubt… Good catch!

    • Is it just me or are Lissy Cunningham and Melissa Cunningham one in the same, just with Lissy being her page3 name? Like Holly/Hollie Peers

    • Nicole Neal’s boring. I’d take a Lissy Cunningham shoot over one of hers any day.

    • She’s a Nicole Neal wanna-be.

      Don’t give us the poor-man’s imitation, give us the real thing.

      More Nicole Neal, less Lissy Cunningham

    • She looks like a slightly less attractive, significantly less busty Helen Flanagan. Still nice though.

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