Gabi Alzani for Sexy Magazine Brazil

Gabi Alzani13 - Gabi Alzani for Sexy Magazine BrazilGabi Alzani is yet another fine addition to Sexy Magazine, easily one of my favorite magazines. Gabi here apparently got a little messy while hanging out in the kitchen, and I personally would love to clean her up.

  • Pefr

    Amazing boobs are amazing, whether they’re real or enhanced. And hers are definitely amazing!

  • spike

    wow what a stunner . so what if her tits are fake their awsome

  • George

    I know I wouldn’t be complaining if I had some time with the delightful Gabi!
    Generally I agree that real is ideal, but then again, I don’t mind if you get the occasional ”good’un”. Gabi’s figure is great, and the way that I see it is that the boobs have just been enhanced to improve the overall beauty.

  • Joe

    Moisteboots, her tits are nothing close to “horrific”! They’re awesome!

  • what a Gorgeous Lady and I don’t thjnk that any bloke would complain about her tits if they had the chance to kiss them, lick them or suck them in person…!!!

  • Moisteboots

    Not to be a downer but those fake tits are not outstanding. They are horrific. It seems like every South American topless model has these awful 1980’s fake tits and I don’t like it one bit. It distracts from the amazing bums they all have.

  • Bert

    Tan Lines! Love ’em!
    And what outstanding tits she has too!