Amanda Wellsh nude for Lui Magazine

Amanda Wellsh3Amanda Wellsh I never actually heard of her before this moment, but it’s safe to say I am now FULLY aware of who she is.

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  1. Colin
    September 29, 2014 at 9:13 pm

    Now I don’t wish to come across as picky here,

    But some of these so called top photographers seem to think that black & white photos are normal to do?

    Well, I done photography for 25 years now as a hobby and can tell you that no photographer who is up with the ways of doing this type of work will ever do black & white work even in the digital age we have now!

    Why O’why, do a lovely sexy fully coloured woman in black & white?

    She is in real life fully coloured, so you photograph her in colour.

    well, they think it is a art form,

    Sorry it is a mistake do it in real life colour please,

    We all see the lovely ladies in full colour when we look at them without the camera.

    Plus now colour printing is far cheaper to do than b&w ones!
    if you was back, say in the early 1970’s then b&w was the main one to use as it was the cheaper one and colour was the pricey one?

    But now it is the other way around, and has been since about 1975 onwards.

    sorry to bring this up guys. enjoy them if you like them!
    I just think some photographers need to wake up to the ways we do it now!

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