Arabella Durkin for Zoo Magazine

Arabella Durkin5 743x1024 - Arabella Durkin for Zoo MagazineArabella Durkin is making her first solo appearance here at Your Daily Girl, and quite possibly her first solo Zoo appearance. I for one really hope this is the first of many appearances has Arabella has a new fan in me.

  • Hamish

    There is a 30F and it’s not small titties! If you were more in tune with women’s lingerie you would know that going down a Back size (the number) you increase the bust size(the letter) ergo 30F being approx same size as 34D. It’s all to do with comfort n stuff.

  • George

    She is one hot piece! I think I’ve found a new addition to my top 5 favourite blonde models

  • Ed Jones

    Don’t forget, the Brits use a different sizing scale, as do metric countries, etc.

  • Colin

    What really lovely young woman,

    Very nice smile nice big natural boobs.

    One thing can someone please explain to me?

    What is it with the changes in the well known Bra sizes we all grown up knowing for many years now?

    If someone was to look at this lovely woman boobs and say the bra size was, they say of course she has a 36 B cup bra!

    So why is this age old bra size been now changed to a silly size of 30 F?

    If her boobs were a 30 F size they be very small about 85% smaller than they look here,

    Plus that there is no F cup size for a 30 boob size,

    They would instead be very small boobs which most young ladys first get when they 1st get boobs?

    And that small boob size would be a 30 A or if she lucky a 30 AA not a 30 F as the bra sizes for those 1st boobs only go upto a B cup at the most?

    Then if they were abit bigger she be wearing a 32 A or B cup for her 1st bra?

    Since bra sizes where set up almost 80 years ago they were a set size we all grown up knowing!

    In fact most men can look at a unpadded bra outline showing through a tight top of a woman and guess the right size of her boobs.

    Now we read silly sizes stated?

    Like say a girls small 33 B cup boobs on models is now a 32 G or some other silly size?

    Please the people who tell us a bra cup size for a models boobs state the old well known and right sizes!

    Sorry but we all known these since years back so stick to them you mad magazines!