Angela Sommers for Glam Jam Magazine

Angela Sommers 786x1024 - Angela Sommers for Glam Jam MagazineAngela Sommers, I must say, I enjoy this shoot, It’s just a bit surprising she isn’t naked, but then again, she’s still hot.

2 comments for “Angela Sommers for Glam Jam Magazine

  1. George
    December 3, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    I’m a Brit, so I would usually say bum or arse/ass rather than butt. I have used butt before or even booty, though not often.

    Seeing her in portrait I would say her ‘butt’ is her best feature, as I’m not that impressed with the rest of her.

  2. Everett
    December 3, 2014 at 9:35 am

    This site always post pics that show only a small portion of a nude models’ body. That’s the case here. More often than not, the pics do not show the model from head to toe. You cannot see the full physical beauty of the model this way. I had to check out Angela Sommers’ nude asset at another nude site.

    And I’m happy to report that this babe’s got an AWESOME well-endowed bod with really nice proportions, and a luscious bubble butt (or bum, as George would say :-)). She has a lovely mug, too. I like her!

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