Dominika Kissova nude for Volo Magazine

Dominika Kissova1 786x1024 - Dominika Kissova nude for Volo MagazineDominika Kissova has a very lovely body, and one that she obviously doesn’t mind showing off. I must say, I enjoy Volo Magazine, and as long as they keep bringing us lovely women like Dominika here, then I will continue to read the magazine.

2 comments for “Dominika Kissova nude for Volo Magazine

  1. Colin
    January 6, 2015 at 5:42 am

    A tall slim build sexy babe.

    only one thing wrong?

    Seems we have another idot photographer!

    Who like sadly allot of them in the glamour business
    seem to think that they must only photograph a sexy nude model
    in black & white!

    Seems they are forgetting that life is in full vivid colour
    not black & white?

    So that then means this sexy model and others don’t get seen
    in real life full lovely colour,
    that you would see them yourself if you was there!

    I know this is maybe a picky point to bring up?

    But I am sure others looking at this lovely woman would
    say “wish these was full colour photographs”

    Such a shame to ruin as sexy shoot of lovely nude woman.

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