Alice Sey for Front Magazine

Alice Sey3 648x1024 - Alice Sey for Front MagazineAlice Sey is making her debut here at Your Daily Girl, and what a debut it is. She’s incredibly sexy, has an amazing body, and looks awesome in glasses.

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  1. Colin
    April 17, 2015 at 4:55 am

    Nice Lady.

    Nice face nice boobs nice slim figure.

    And nice to see a topless set in Front Magazine for a change?

    Seems that FHM & Front mags up until a few years back always had sexy topless or almost full nude celeb babes or sexy models posing in them.

    Like the cute and sexy elf face and pert bodied “Jolene Blalock”
    who posed almost fully nude in FHM some years ago when she was still acting as T’pol the sexy slim busty pert bodied vulcan science officer in Star Trek Enterprise.

    She damn sexy in that series wearing her sprayed on body lycra suits and 2 inch heels.
    ( the light blue lycra suit in the 3rd & 4th series was the best )

    Great to see her nude in FHM special magazine show all execpt her nipples and pussy sadly,
    But still her slim pert sexy body was a lovely thing to see!

    But a couple years after FHM sexy shoot of this babe, They started to stop having sexy celeb babes or sexy models posing even topless never known almost full nude like Jolene did?

    So it is about time they restarted getting these sexy babes pose topless or better still nude again.

    Here’s hoping!

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