Angel Rosekamol for FHM Magazine Indonesia

Angel Rosekamol1 - Angel Rosekamol for FHM Magazine IndonesiaAngel Rosekamol has a body on her to bring most men to their knees, and her boobs, WOW, nothing much else to say.

  • George

    WOW is the word! I think her boobs, real or fake, are great. Would like to see them set free

  • Colin

    Wow indeed,

    Sadly though, she has small boobs like almost all asian women.

    And look at the last two part picture, That is what I call a super padded bra?

    About 3/4 of it looks padded to me?

    And nice as her boobs are, I say they most likely are fake ones!

    Since the way they look shape wise in the 4th and 5th pictures without the padded bra.

    but she still a sexy woman who I would be pleased to meet?