Hannah Davis for S.I. Summer of Swim

Hannah Davis12 - Hannah Davis for S.I. Summer of SwimHannah Davis happens to be one of my favorite models on the planet right now. I can’t pinpoint exactly what the reason is, but let’s face it, she’s hot as hell.

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  1. Mayoite
    July 14, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    The talented bearded Russian photographer loves the feeling of fucking fresh ripe American ass. He ponders this as he fondles and squeezes Hannah Davis full tits through the American flag she wears draped around her shoulders. The other grasps her around her slender white throat and he squeezes till she chokes and coughs eyes watering. His dick is full and hard now, ready for the first penetration of the evening. She has already come shuddering hard under the ministrations of his slender fingers, more wet than she can remember, her cunt aching with need

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