Lissy Cunningham begins the week with Page 3

Lissy Cunningham1Lissy Cunningham with her sexy blonde look, and amazing body is looking fantastic here at the beach, and is an amazing way to start the week.

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  1. Mayoite
    October 13, 2015 at 4:30 am

    I finally get my son’s sexy blonde girlfriend Lissy alone for the weekend when he is away to bootcamp. I invite her to spend some time at our beach house and she readily agrees. A day full of lustful looks, flirty winks and horny innuendo has passed and she is kneeling naked on the beach with her top off as the sun goes down, her superb tits warm and welcoming. She stares at me through her hooded slightly drunk eyes as I gradually slip my swimming trunks down to reveal my bare semi-hard cock. I know I am bigger limp than my son is hard and I can see in Lissy’s eyes and her parted lips how much she wants it. But I am now in control and I’m going to make the sexy young bitch beg for me to let her suck and fuck it before I come deep insider her young unprotected womb. I am going to make her my bitch.

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