Love Magazine is the greatest in the World!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever wanted to see Kate Moss fully naked and everything visible? How about Naomi Campbell, Lara Stone, Daria Werbowy, Natalia Vodianova, Jeneil? Well guess what Love Magazine has done just that, gotten those Models fully nude, and then took pictures, and then published them for people to see. And trust me, they are hot as hell and I must say Lara Stone is so damn hot!                NSFW pics after jump

Celia Freijeiro – Its her Birthday and shes Naked!

Ahh ok, today starts a new tradition, each day I will post an actress on her birthday who has at one point been naked in her career. Today it starts with Celia who turns 27. She is a Spanish actress, and these nudes are from what looks like a play, and if so, we really need better plays in America! BTW Celia is the brown haired woman.            NSFW pics after jump

Erin Wasson – Topless, nipple pierced

Erin here is a Model, and all men love models. Actually thats not true, see models, typically have A cup size breasts, well in Australia, if you have A cup, you can not be seen in naked photos or videos, as they consider it pre-pubecent, so its therefore illegal. So this will no longer be seen in Australia, however everyone else can see, and enjoy, so basically enjoy the photo, and make fun of Australia.                           NSFW pics after jump

Milla Jovovich – Older scans but still very hot!

So these pictures are from a photo shoot Milla did for Purple Magazine a year or 2 ago. And I know they are old, but I have always found her very hot, and so I wanted to post them on here for everyone else to enjoy. The in my opinion has actually gotten hotter since she had her child, cant wait for her to bring out more pics!               NSFW pics after jump

Anne Hathaway – March 2010 GQ

Anne Hathaway has always been one of those Hollywood girls that has a dirty side, but just wont reveal it yet. Well these new GQ photos of her are pretty hot, though not dirty, still hot. I am sure, soon we will have some nude pics of her that were “stolen” or something like that. We can all at least hope for that to happen.