Kelly LeBrock, Its her birthday and shes naked!

Today with the giant lack of birthday girls involving nudity I decided to go old school. Who here has ever seen Weird Science, the movie where 2 dorks created a girl, and then there was the shower scene, you only saw her from behind, but I’m pretty sure everyone from that point on had a crush on her. Well these nude pics are pretty old, and theres a guy in the pics (not naked), but hey, its still her birthday!

“Hello Cheeky”, Rankin’s newest Nude Models

OK, its safe to say that Rankin might not only have the best job in the world, but he seems to also have all the girls love him, and do whatever the hell he wants. Now thats a job all men want, and of course some women, lucky bastard! By the way, the picture with all the girls topless, standing in a circle looking down at the camera, ya they all have big awesome tits, best picture I have seen in a very long time!