Rachelle Leah – UFC ring girl!

So who here watches UFC? OK well if you haven’t maybe you have heard of someone named Rachelle Leah. She is one of the ring girls for their fights, and back in Nov of 2008 she decided to pose in Playboy. Now I understand that thats over a year ago, but since this site is still fairly knew, and the pics are hot, I figured it was my duty to post the pics for you all….         NSFW pics after the jump

Natalie Gulbis

So normally I will not make posts on the weekends, however I woke up this morning to these pictures in my email, and couldn’t help but post them. Apparently Natalie is a pro female golfer, and I must say, I had no idea golfers were so hot! Well Enjoy my friends!  

Tatiana Grigorieva

Ahh well by now you are aware I love posting athletes. And this post is again that of an athlete, this time an Olympian pole vaulter. The odd thing, is she is a Russian, yet she competes for Australia in the Olympics, not exactly sure why though. But she has posed a few times without clothes, and I am here to share that with you!                  NSFW pics after the jump!

Karly Ashworth – Leaked nude pics

So I don’t watch Big Brother at all, I mean hell I might have watched when it first came out but that was it. So that being said, Karly here was a contestant on the UK Big Brother 10, and I guess she hasn’t learned that when celebs take photos, they tend to end up on the internet, for our entertainment. Thanks Karly!                     NSFW pics after jump

Willa Ford – Older but still hot Playboy pics.

Now by now I’m sure most of you have seen the Willa Ford playboy photos. But for me, they are still some of my favorite celebrity pictures. I had always thought she was hot and then she posed in playboy, and that was a great moment. I hope your all able to enjoy the pictures as I did, and still do.             NSFW pics after the jump.