Isabella Ferrari, its her birthday and shes naked!

Isabella is an Italian born actress, and though her prime now has past her by, her pictures from her younger days are pretty hot. So as I did last week, I decided to go old school, and post some pictures from when Isabella did playboy back in the 80’s. Since it was hard to find these pictures I had to grab them off another site as you can see by whats written on the pictures, enjoy!

Trish Goff is very naked in Purple Magazine

OK, I want to change my vote for my favorite magazine. I am changing my vote to Purple Magazine, somehow this magazine seems to get models naked at will. And not just topless mind you, no completely and utterly butt ass naked. I love it, and this time they got Trish Goff naked, now she could use a shave, but she still has an amazing body, and is handcuffed in one of the pictures, enjoy!