Petra Niemann – Sexy nude Olympian

And here it is yet again, another Nude German Olympian.  This beauty right here competes in sailing, which I guess isn’t really a sport to some extent, however, she still looks great with an awesome body. And I love the way they got all the girls to have that bronzish color, its pretty awesome!                    NSFW pics after the jump

2010 Pirelli Calendar Outtakes…

This might be one of the hottest calendars out there to date. When you have that many models all posing naked, I dont care if my house is on fire, I’m going to review the calendar. There are way to many pictures to attach them all, but I have attached some of what I feel are the hottest personally. I hope you all agree, and greatly enjoy the pics as I have!                        NSFW pics after the jump.

Katharina Scholz nude Olympian

And yet again another German nude athlete. I dont know whats in the water in German, but whatever it is, we need to give it to women all over the world. They look amazingly beautiful, have crazy sexy bodies, and they are willing to pose naked. Ya we need more of that, enjoy!                NSFW pics after the jump.          

Nicole Reinhardt nude Olympian

Nicole here is a German spring canoer, which yes if your like me, you never heard of before. But after seeing pictures of Nicole, I am willing to start watching this event if they all look like her. Nicole decided to pose in Playboy Germany, and we all thank her for it, also she is a nice shade of bronze in her pictures which is also very hot, enjoy!         NSFW pics after jump.  

Olga Kurylenko hot pics

These pictures are about a year old, but I find her pretty hot, so I thought i would post the pics of her. They are from some Russian Magazine, and I added a couple random pictures of her as well. Also, you might recognize her as a Bond Girl, and I think that just makes her hotter! Enjoy!                      NSFW pics after the jump.