Zoe Saldana – see thru top!

For those of you who happened to have seen Avatar, which is a good chunk of America, you may know by now that Jake Sully’s love interest is actually Zoe Saldana. Well she was recently involved in a magazine photo shoot wearing a see thru top. Enjoy.         NSFW pics after the jump.

Maria Susini

Thank you Argentina! Now I have no clue who she is, I never heard of her before in my life. But she is pretty damn hot, and has a passion for being photographed lacking clothes. Enjoy!       NSFW pics after the jump.

Ashley Harkleroad

OK, you might have noticed by now that I post athletes often. Theres 2 reasons for this, 1 they typically have amazing bodies and are hot. 2 since this blog is still fairly new, I havent had many user submissions so I have a tendency to pick athletes instead, for now at least. So now after all that here is Ashley who is a sexy tennis player who was nice enough to us to pose in playboy, enjoy.    NSFW pics after the jump