Month: August 2010

New girl Elle nude in Loaded Magazine

Yup its official, Elle here is now in my top 3 fave all time Brit girls. Now I have discovered that she used to model for Page 3, but I am in America, we don’t see that here. So I have been deprived, and I thank Loaded for bringing her to the masses, because Elle you are...

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Maribel Fernández naked in H Extremo Magazine

Wow what more can you say, Maribel is amazing, and honestly has a great rack, which according to her is natural, which is also really nice. I do find it strange that the most revealing picture is actually the cover rather then the pictures inside the Magazine, not often you see that. Courtesy: Pretty Hot and...

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Elba Jimenez naked in Playboy

Elba is a well known Actress and Model in Mexico. She also hosts a show there, but I really don’t know what that is. What I do know is that she has an amazing body, nice tits, and an amazing ass, whats not to...

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Katie Green fully naked!

So Katie is a hot model, and is one of the British Glamour Girls, however you don’t see her all that often. Regardless of that, she has an incredible body, and shes naked, now these aren’t new pics, but the fact shes fully naked is deserving of a Saturday post, at least in my eyes...

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Kelly Brook in Love Magazine

Oh Kelly, its so nice to see that your breasts have showed up again. Its odd how when you were in Playboy they appeared so small, rather then their natural size. Well thankfully Love Magazine has kept your breasts in their lovely form for us all to see, thank you...

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Lisa Maarseveen naked in Playboy

  OK, I have no idea who the hell she is, and I really wish I knew because shes hot as hell. Also, I am a giant fan of the nipple piercing, don’t know why, just know that I am.   We have been requested to remove the images by Playboy, and since I don’t enjoy drama, I might as well just remove them. There are still plenty of hot women around the site, so feel free to...

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Montana Fishburne naked in Playboy

So turns out not only did she do porn, but Playboy was also done. The photos aren’t bad, and she looks OK I suppose. Still not sure what to think about her doing the porn and Playboy now, but who cares, shes naked. Courtesy:...

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Inna topless in FHM

Inna is a hot ass Romanian Singer, and shes naked in the latest edition of FHM. Thank you FHM! For more on Inna and other Hot Girls visit...

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Joan Severance, naked flashback of the week!

Joan might not have been as huge as some of my other flashbacks, but she still had a nice run in the 80s and 90s. She appeared in Playboy in 90, and 92, and showed off her amazing body, and incredible tits. She started as a model, and then graduated to acting, she rarely does anything now, and I felt it was my duty to show you what you missed in the 80s and...

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