Emilia Clarke for Elle Magazine

Emilia Clarke7 - Emilia Clarke for Elle MagazineEmilia Clarke is easily one of the hottest actresses on the planet right now. It’s actually why she’s here on YDG now. Even though she isn’t naked, I have such a crush on Emilia, I needed to share her.

Shakira for Vanidades Magazine Mexico

Shakira1 792x1024 - Shakira for Vanidades Magazine MexicoShakira one of my all time favorite singers to look at, is back here at Your Daily Girl. I must say, ever since I saw her roughly 16 years ago, I simply can’t get enough of her.

Kylie Jenner for GQ Magazine Germany

Kylie Jenner9 668x1024 - Kylie Jenner for GQ Magazine GermanyKylie Jenner is currently gracing the pages of GQ Magazine, and thus makes her way to the pages of Your Daily Girl. I personally am not the biggest fan of Kylie, but I know a lot of you are, so this is for you guys, enjoy!

Alejandra Guilmant nude for Treats Magazine

Alejandra Guilmant7 811x1024 - Alejandra Guilmant nude for Treats MagazineAlejandra Guilmant has been on Your Daily Girl a few times now, and each time I wished she would wear, less, and less, well that time has finally come my friends! Alejandra is finally fully naked, in all her glory, and it’s amazing!

Cara Delevingne for GQ Magazine

Cara Delevingne3 785x1024 - Cara Delevingne for GQ MagazineCara Delevingne I must admit is one of those women that isn’t always clear to me why I have a thing for her, but I do. I find myself very excited about her newest shoot, and while some of these pictures are BTS, or not the best quality, it’s still a great shoot.

Halsey for Paper Magazine

Halsey1 - Halsey for Paper MagazineHalsey has never appeared here at Your Daily Girl before, and personally I hope this starts a trend of Halsey appearances, I wouldn’t be upset about that at all.

Shakira for Cosmopolitan Magazine Mexico

Shakira1 755x1024 - Shakira for Cosmopolitan Magazine MexicoShakira is easily one of my favorite celebs on the planet. She’s incredibly sexy, and come on, the belly dancing, the hips, just perfection, hands down.

Rita Ora for Legend Magazine

Rita Ora8 820x1024 - Rita Ora for Legend MagazineRita Ora I personally like much better as a model then a singer, so you can imagine my delight when I see shoots like this involving Rita. I find myself happy, and smiling.

Alexis Knapp sexy outdoor photo shoot

Alexis Knapp9 1024x1024 - Alexis Knapp sexy outdoor photo shootAlexis Knapp is very much one of my favorite celebs around right now. She might not be what is considered a movie star, but she’s hot as hell, and I quite love her, and that’s all I need.

Alexandra Daddario for Womens Health Magazine

Alexandra Daddario2 753x1024 - Alexandra Daddario for Womens Health MagazineAlexandra Daddario oh how I love everything about you. Seriously, I’ve had a crush on you for a few years now, and that crush is hands down in overdrive now. Alexandra, everything about you is stunning, and I now plan to spend my weekend thinking about you.

Kylie Jenner for Flaunt Magazine

Kylie Jenner1 683x1024 - Kylie Jenner for Flaunt MagazineKylie Jenner makes her latest appearance here at Your Daily Girl, and umm, well I’m not sure how I feel. I can’t help but wonder, is it in their family creed to see who can get the most enhancements, and surgeries?

Ashley Graham nude for V Magazine

Ashley Graham - Ashley Graham nude for V MagazineAshley Graham finally decided to bare it all, and I find myself greatly happy. Some of you will bitch, and most likely you’re single, lonely, and fat, but I love a woman with curves, and has some meat on her, so Ashley has a big crush of mine.

Elsa Pataky for Elle Magazine Spain

Elsa Pataky 786x1024 - Elsa Pataky for Elle Magazine SpainElsa Pataky happens to be one of my favorite celebs right now, mainly just due to how hot she is, and how I wouldn’t mind spending time with her. Let’s be honest, she is so amazing, and I can only imagine how much fun she is.

Gal Gadot for W Magazine

Gal Gadot W Magazine 2017 1 l 745x1024 - Gal Gadot for W MagazineGal Gadot is currently the hottest thing since sliced bread in the world of actresses hands down. Not only is she hot as hell, but she’s appearing in almost everything now, and deservedly so, just look at her, she’s insanely hot and sexy.

Caitlin O’Connor for Kandy Magazine

Caitlin OConnor 758x1024 - Caitlin O'Connor for Kandy MagazineCaitlin O’Connor is currently an actress that I really haven’t heard of previously. I’m very happy to have been introduced to Caitlin, and would love seeing her in some more TV, and film spots coming soon.

Michelle Pfeiffer for Interview Magazine

Michelle Pfeiffer1 788x1024 - Michelle Pfeiffer for Interview MagazineMichelle Pfeiffer was a HUGE crush of mine while I was growing up. I can’t even begin to explain how many fantasies involved Michelle during my early years. I’ll admit, even with her close to 60, I still wouldn’t hesitate if I had the chance.