Kylie Jenner for GQ Magazine Germany

Kylie Jenner9 668x1024 - Kylie Jenner for GQ Magazine GermanyKylie Jenner is currently gracing the pages of GQ Magazine, and thus makes her way to the pages of Your Daily Girl. I personally am not the biggest fan of Kylie, but I know a lot of you are, so this is for you guys, enjoy!

Kylie Jenner for Flaunt Magazine

Kylie Jenner1 683x1024 - Kylie Jenner for Flaunt MagazineKylie Jenner makes her latest appearance here at Your Daily Girl, and umm, well I’m not sure how I feel. I can’t help but wonder, is it in their family creed to see who can get the most enhancements, and surgeries?

Kylie Jenner for Galore Magazine

Kylie Jenner 788x1024 - Kylie Jenner for Galore MagazineKylie Jenner I sincerely don’t really like. In fact, if her entire family disappeared tomorrow, you would probably see my smiling, and dancing in the streets. The only reason she’s here is because I know you all seem to like them, and her.