Emilia Attias in SH Magazine

Emilia Attias 11 808x1024 - Emilia Attias in SH MagazineEmilia Attias is apparently an Argentinia Model, as well as actress. I don’t find her all that hot, but there is something about this photo shoot that I find very hot.

Carolina Ardohain is one hot MILF in SH Magazine

Carolina Ardohain 237x300 - Carolina Ardohain is one hot MILF in SH MagazineCarolina, better known as Pampita is crazy hot, and I am told is also a mom, making her an amazingly hot MILF. These photos I just find incredibly hot, maybe its the sweat, maybe its her being dirty, maybe its just that shes hot, I don’t know, and honestly, I really don’t care.