Rachelle Leah – UFC ring girl!

rachelle 3 - Rachelle Leah - UFC ring girl!So who here watches UFC? OK well if you haven’t maybe you have heard of someone named Rachelle Leah. She is one of the ring girls for their fights, and back in Nov of 2008 she decided to pose in Playboy. Now I understand that thats over a year ago, but since this site is still fairly knew, and the pics are hot, I figured it was my duty to post the pics for you all….         NSFW pics after the jump

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  1. Robert Linge
    April 26, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    Rachelles best pic EVER was not even posted from this set.Please post the on where she has her hand on her head,wrapped in a silver chain sitting on the octogon bed. NOW THATS BEAUTY!

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