Month: April 2010

Natalie Blair naked in Front Magazine

I gotta say, I love the British Glamour models, but I have that they are only ever topless. And when they are fully naked there is always something covering, and personally, that sucks, there really needs to be a change, and a change...

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Uma Thurman, its her birthday and shes naked!

Uma might be in her 40’s but personally I still think she looks good. And I swear her tits are bigger now then earlier in her career. And most people think surgery, but given the slightly odd shape, I really don’t believe that, oh well, I don’t care shes naked and its her...

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Kari Wuhrer, its her birthday and shes naked

Kari has been an actress now for some time, though I am really not sure if she has been in any legit big movies, and I really don’t care. In the movies she has been in, shes been naked quite often, and that makes not only me happy, but men all over...

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Gemma Hiles is naked in CKM Magazine

Oh, CKM, I started loving this magazine a few weeks ago, and this is the reason why. They get girls I never heard of, get them naked, and then publish it. I love seeing new girls naked, after a while the same old girls get boring, its nice to see new naked flesh,...

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Sally Hawkins, its her birthday and shes naked

Well its official, today sucks for birthdays. Either they were naked 30 years ago, and by naked, I mean simply topless, or they just weren’t naked. I was able to find someone who was naked, and that was Sally here, shes only topless, and there’s only 2 pictures, but at least I was able to find...

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Orlaith McAllister, its her birthday and shes naked!

Orlaith was at one time a contestant on UK Big Brother, in case your wondering, that’s the good one where people get naked all the time. Well anyway, since she has done some modeling, and since she wasn’t shy about getting butt ass naked on Big Brother, she has done nude modeling, and we all love her for it, thank...

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India Reynolds is topless in Nuts

India is considered by Nuts to be some of their “sexiest new boobs”. And I must say I agree, and when you think about it, these new pics, prove that. Its funny, some people ask why someone is posing topless, my answer to that is, who the fuck...

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Veronika is naked in Newlook Magazine

So Veronika is a model from the Czech, and she is pretty damn hot. I now love the magazine, I featured this magazine before, and Its now one of my faves. Veronika is hot, and she is naked, so whats not to...

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Chloe Saxon is naked in Zoo Magazine

Chloe here is another British Glamour Model, and as you all know, I love them. And I also love Zoo Magazine, and when the 2 are together, I find myself having a great day. The quality of the scans is not the greatest, however she still looks...

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Qi Shu, its her birthday and shes naked!

This is a great post if you love Asians. Qi here is an actress, and she obviously has no problems getting naked, as she has been naked in a bunch of movies, and a random naked photo shoot, and not just a plain photo shoot. No, I’m talking where her legs are spread wide so we can see everything, its great when celebs understand exactly what we as men...

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