• Adrienne Barbeau, its her birthday and shes naked!


    This is a very old school post. And as you can tell, the pictures are older, but hey, here at your daily girl, we don’t discriminate, so enjoy!

    • I just found this site and i know it’s been a couple of years since “jank Brock” (I’m assuming it’s supposed to be Hank) posted but… again I’m assuming, jank (Hank) is frustrated with a small chested wife or is a small chested, frustrated wife (nothing wrong with small boobs) or has no imagination. Sorry but large breast are great and its the woman not the breast size that makes them good in bed. Jank (Hank) your an idiot.

    • Happy birthday and plenty more hope you have a lot more good movies thank you for being you over the years Wally Florida Florida

    • I forgot Happy Birthday and I hope you have many more.

    • I wish you would come to my house for my birthday, You have been my favorite of all time.

    • I use to watch Maude just to catch a glimpse of the radiant beauty

    • I have loved this woman since the first time I have ever seen her!

    • I feel she is the hottest woman of all time Anyone who says different should have there heads checked

    • Barbeau and most women if not all on this page are talent-less slags. Barbeau couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag and her only claim to fame are to huge tits that stupid pigs of 10 second mighty mites of men love. Small tittied women have the hottest asses and best pussies. Huge sagging cans do not make the woman, small tittied women are the best lovers.

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