Leah Francis for Zoo Magazine

Leah Francis10 743x1024 - Leah Francis for Zoo MagazineLeah Francis is, as Zoo likes to call it, “Laid Bare”. I like to call that lies to sell more copies… How many times now have we heard, one of them was naughtier then ever, nuder then ever, and basically, it was the identical stuff we have already seen… Personally, I’m getting tired of it, and just wish they would be honest. Leah Francis, topless like always, but its hot, enjoy…

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  1. Colin
    December 11, 2012 at 6:27 am

    Yes, O’Great Webmaster,

    I totally with you on this matter!

    Bad as it is these so called nude glamour model don’t go full nude, But just bare 99% of their sexy nude bodies and still get paid lots of money for each set they pose for?

    If they were so pleased with and happy about being nude and posing for a living, Then why O’why,

    Don’t do it fully and stop letting these top shelf softcore magazines like zoo & nuts make lots of money for telling us men that a top glamour model bares all or is fully nude and naught in what ever issue?

    If these lovely bodied sexy babes really was so happy to bare those sexy bodies, Then they should pose fully nude in say mayfair or penthouse etc. That way we could not only see the 1% of their bodies not shown in the softcore mags like zoo etc.?

    But they would at least be true to their wishes to pose full nude and make even more money since they would get paid a huge amount for full frontal work?

    If I was a lovely sexy bodied young woman model I maybe would do topless stuff then go on to doing full frontal work, As it would be far better paid work?

    After all a bit of bare pussy ( that missing 1% ) would be no big deal to a sexy model who shows 99% of her nude body anyway!

    Remember the 1990’s nude uk model ” Natalie Jay” amazing tall super natural busty curvy pretty faced babe?

    She did not like herself be photographed full frountal or showing any pussy in the uk magazines like mayfair etc. But as soon as she had to pose for any usa nude mags or europe mags she could not get away with not showing her pussy as they would not let her pose any other way?

    So she posed fully frountal nude showing all, and of course we here in the uk were very lucky as the pictures of her fully nude were posted online, and we see her fully nude at long last?

    Very sexy!

    So I think if a sexy uk model is happy to pose 99% of full nude then why not do the 100% full nude posing abit later on?

    She would make a sh*t load more money get more work, be very popular indeed, and we all could be more happy to see her fully nude at last?

    We all win!

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