Hayley-Marie Coppin is a backseat babe for Body in Mind

Hayley-Marie02_largeHayley-Marie Coppin looking sexy and beautiful as always for us to greatly enjoy.

Check out the entire set over at BiM!

5 comments for “Hayley-Marie Coppin is a backseat babe for Body in Mind

  1. Norman
    May 29, 2013 at 12:11 am

    Speaking of fools, commenter Colin apparently doesn’t know how question marks work.

  2. Colin
    May 27, 2013 at 7:21 am

    Very nice!

    But I feel there is one problem with this set of photos?

    It seems that the Photographer is a fool,
    He or she has taken all the photos in black & white!

    Odd indeed since last time I looked around the world and us are living in full colour!

    So Nice posing etc. But the person who took these shots is a total fool and should be banned from taking any photographs ever again?

    Since they can’t seem to see that the world and us in full colour not black & white?

    I really hate photographers who do this type of work, They take a lovely sexy woman to pose for us and totally ruin the outcome by doing them in black & white?

    You know what this is, it is the few photographers who still think that to shoot in black & white is true art and shows they are real top level photographers?

    Well, they are are just twits who don’t know that the rest of the photographers dropped this type of photographing years ago?

    1 > because it is far more costly to do?

    2 > because the restof us pefer to see the world as it is in colour?

    Life is in full lovely colour, so to all you photographers out there remember life should only be photographed in colour?

    Or you end up with some lovely sexy woman posing for nothing!

    Because we all see in colour so do the photos in colour!

    Thank you.

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