• Sallie Axl topless for Nuts Magazine


    Sallie Axl1Sallie Axl for those of you unaware was yet another contestant on Big Brother, who has now turned to topless modeling. I’m starting to believe that Big Brother is just a gateway for women to pose for the awesome UK Mags, and I for one, and perfectly fine with that.

    • Well. What a disappointment. Her saggy, floppy tits look like those of a forty year old woman that breast fed every one of her ten illegitimate children. Jackie Travers, at 59, was stacked better than that! That said I would still fuck her or demand oral sex from her which would at least shut her potty mouth for ten or fifteen minutes!

    • I thought her tits would have be better but they look crap. So disappointed.

    • Yeah, she was the first to be evicted and all. Didn’t take long for people to see what a massive cunt she is lol

    • I was aware of her on Twitter before she went on. Mostly because she’s a total bitch.

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