Daisy Watts presents Britain’s Best Bums for Zoo Magazine

Daisy Watts 749x1024 - Daisy Watts presents Britain's Best Bums for Zoo MagazineDaisy Watts hasn’t been on Your Daily Girl for a few months now, and thankfully Zoo understood that, and created a new shoot with Daisy just for us… Well maybe not, but here she is.

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  • Pefr

    I got this issue. Every other girl inside it has an ass better than Daisy Watts. Pancake ass, she has

  • Yubu

    she’s completely flat-assed. Should have been Caitlin Wynters on the cover she’s got a great ass.

  • George

    Daisy really has got a peach of a bum.

    It’s a shame some of the article is the same as her last ‘bum’ shoot rather than something completely new, though most of it is.

    Anyway, back to that ass – Daisy, feel free to grind on me anytime!

  • Joe.

    This is the second time she’s been the cover girl for a Zoo issue highlighting “great bums” or whatever, and it’s completely ridiculous. She has no ass whatsoever!

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