Jazmin Abdala for Blow Magazine Paraguay

Jazmin Abdala1Jazmin Abdala is another great model brought to us from the folks over at Blow Magazine. I think I might be in love….

3 comments for “Jazmin Abdala for Blow Magazine Paraguay

  1. Colin
    July 23, 2014 at 12:27 pm

    Yes, George.

    I totally 2nd that statement of yours!

    Sadly many sexy busty curvy babes that pose for many magazines online and on the old paper type,

    They think if they can pose fully clothed or part clothed and claim that they are posing sexy then we silly men will pay to see what is said to be so?

    But the shame is so many models and celeb babes wish to be fancied but are unwilling to show any more than a bare pair of legs or a big cleavage and have the cheek to get the mags producers print a cover title saying this babe going to show her sexy body off in this mag online or in a paper version!

    And enforcing the idea this is the case, print a sexy photo of her on the cover page!

    Then we think wow I wish to see her topless or even nude!
    Only to be let down by the total lack of bare flesh.

    Oh. how easy we are conned by these women and the mags they pose badly for?

    So we don’t see her topless or nude like we thought, and she walks off with allot of money and the magazine laughs to way to the bank too!

  2. George
    July 22, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    DAMN! This girl may not be showing much, but clearly she has ample (big) curves in all the right places!

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