Stacey Poole nude video by the pool

StaceyStacey Poole starts off our Monday the right way by getting naked at the pool, and of course having a nice video of this event. I can’t help but admin Stacey and her body… It is pretty epic.

2 comments for “Stacey Poole nude video by the pool

  1. Colin
    July 21, 2014 at 3:46 pm


    One sexy naturally busty babe she is!

    Nice to see her on video.

    One small point here, I am wondering?

    If this is called “fully nude”

    Then it is I sure is a wrong title!

    Why, Because she is nude, yes.

    But not really fully nude as I remember the idea of it!

    If she is called fully nude then we should see all of her nude body with no part not seen!

    Which sadly we don’t do her eh. most private part still not seen?

    So lovely don’t get me wrong, But not really fully nude Yet!

    Hopefully sometime soon if we are really luckly But I don’t think she will go really fully nude as we all wish ever!

    Like almost all sexy amazing babes like her they all show 95% of all but that last 5% nope!

    That last private naughty 5% be for her rich footballer boyfriend eyes only I am sorry to say,
    Like all the other super sexy page 3 or top models of the magazines for us drooling male fan of theirs!

    O’well that’s life it seems!

    Nice face, great body,
    But not for us normal hard working non-rich males it seems!

  2. George
    July 21, 2014 at 6:22 am

    I’ve always admired Stacey. I would like to admire her a bit more closely though.

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