Patricia Manterola for SoHo Magazine Mexico

Patricia ManterolaPatricia Manterola, aside from looking incredibly sexy, and looking fantastic in a bikini, I don’t really know much more about her at all.

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  1. Rick
    February 9, 2015 at 9:01 pm

    Hello guys:

    This girl is not big deal at all….she was another “singer”….from another “manufactured band” called Garibaldi, with some succes in Mexico….after the breack of all the “band”….she try be a solo singer….fail….try to be “actress” on the tv novels of Televisa….fail again….even she try to be a Bond girl…she cats for the movie Skyfall…..but was beat by OLGA KURYLENKO!!!!!!!!!! ja ja ja ja

    We have no hear about it in long time… a big surprise to see her on this type of magazine……maybe she need money.

    Greetings from Mexico


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