Marie-Ange Casta for Lui Magazine France

Marie-Ange CastaMarie-Ange Casta has one exceptionally fine body, and I personally wouldn’t mind being able to explore a bit more, as I am sure a lot of you would feel the same.

1 comment for “Marie-Ange Casta for Lui Magazine France

  1. Colin
    April 6, 2016 at 2:25 pm

    What is wrong with these silly photographers these days?

    They do a lovely sexy model for a magazine and got a sexy full colour magazine cover shot done!

    But then when you look for the inside magazine shots of the sexy model,
    What do you see?

    The main shots in there are all black & white not colour?

    Totally ruins the set.

    If they can do the cover shot in living full colour then why the heck not the inside set too?

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