Laura Christina is one sexy groupie for Body in Mind

Laura27 large 682x1024 - Laura Christina is one sexy groupie for Body in MindLaura Christina is making her YDG debut representing Body in Mind, and after viewing this set, I am pretty sure I am going to continue having her appear!

Check out the entire set over at BiM!

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  • Iñigo

    Lura Christina is very,very sexy1

  • Matt

    Totally agree with all that you said Colin.

  • Colin


    Shame the photographer seem’s to think that we are still using black & white film only?

    Someone should tell the photographer the shock news, that we all use colour film now and have done for many years now!

    I really am fed up with this way of photographing sexy nude women!

    This is the result of the Art movement saying that to be done right the model must be photographed only in black & white film?

    Now the original way to do so was to do this ( about 1850 to 1930 ) because black & white film was the cheapest film and colour film did not exist until about 1925 and was very pricey even when it did start coming out?

    So when in about 1960’s colour film became cheaper, we normal photographers started using it and even developing the negatives and prints in colour at home in home build dark rooms!

    Then the top photographers said ok we also use only colour since it is cheap and shows life in real colour,

    Then about 1970 along come the french top art prats and said o’la la it is wrong to do any top end art in colour, A true artist must only photograph in black & white the sexy models?

    Even though that meant paying twice as much for the film & developing of it since almost no one uses it now?

    So now we got the problem where some photographers use pricey black & white to do a sexy nude photo set because they are snobs and think like the french art lot,

    And most of the photographers say Life is in colour not black & white so shoot it in colour?